What to do... What to do... (Vintage 80's Bianchi)

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    Hello all,

    I have a sweet Bianchi that was purchased in Germany. It is Grey with Red decals, it has DuraAce Bottom Bracket, rear derailleur, and down tube shifters with Shimano 600 pedals, front derailleur, breaks, headset, and hubs in Ambrosio wheels. It has a white Bianchi saddle and it in very good condition.

    I would say its a 56cm?? (Would have to ddbl check)

    I am not the guy that like to collect things. I also think this bike for the right person who is into the vintage 80's era bikes would love this bike... I have never seen a grey and red decal Bianchi. So if I keep it I will likely change things and eventually take away much of the personality of this sweet ride.

    Here is my question...

    Do I keep it and do what ever, maybe even make it a single speed and so on??


    Should I look to sale it and just get something else?

    I can send pics to anyone if they want to see it?
  2. wildroot

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    If it's a 10 or 12 speed with non indexing shifters, I say single speed it. That takes care of the weak points and the bike gets ridden. Or sell it.

  3. livendadream

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    I just fell out of my chair!!!! Put pix on the site. I might have the same bike hanging from the rafters in my garage. 1981 Bianchi Nuevo Racing Celeste, Celeste Green 80% Campagnolo grupo UHHHHHHHHHHH! that bike is awesome, AWESOME! I don't know if anyone would realize that in the year 2009. Anyway I was going to put mine on Craigslist, but I do not have the Heart to do it. I have not rode that bike in over 20 years, I switched to the dirt. That bike has alot of history "Tour De France" ect, Many years ago Jans Ulrich raced on nearly the same bike. That bike is reason I became addicted to the sport in the first place. If you post pix of it I will do the same. By the way you just got my Heart rate up so high I will not need to hit the trail today. Thanks when I calm down I am going to have a pint. J.:) P.S. I put thousands and thousand of miles on the Bianchi it was like a was riding the WIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. livendadream

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    I just went into the garage and looked at it (the Bianchi) for about ten minutes. I started shaking, I have to sit sit down. You better keep it and Just turn it into the fixed gear machine. Then when you ride it you will feel the real deal of steel (COL-LUM-BUS) tubing , nothing else feels like it, except the smooth skin of a woman or a newborn babies A$$ . I have to go a slobbered all over my self. J.:cool:
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    Ah, Shakespeare, eat your heart out. The overwhelming passion of true love cannot be denied. Pure poetry!
  6. bantam700

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    Sounds like a sweet bike, I'd love to see some pics of it.
  7. lotek

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    If it fits you, ride it. Keep the components on it, or if you must convert it to single speed
    keep everything and please don't hack off things like derailleur hanges, cable guides etc.
    If it doesn't fit, sell it, why keep it if you're not going to ride it.
    Good pictures and description will help your sale, if it is Celeste that's a bonus as
    its the more desirable Bianchi color.
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    Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp.

    The OP has been AWOL for three months.
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    Oh well someone else might find the information useful. I've always been a fan of reviving threads.