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Pay attention to the fallen leaves on the road to prevent slippery. Autumn is a good time for cycling outings for most cyclists. However, the fallen leaves cover the ground in autumn, covering obstacles such as branches and stones, and concealing the real terrain conditions, and the wet weather makes the muddy ground more, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty and danger of riding.

At this time, don't blindly pursue speed, but master the balance. On the one hand, you should pay attention to the even force when pedaling, and on the other hand, you should try to avoid braking. At the corner, you must not move too far. You should hold the brakes and be alert to avoid slipping.

Although the fallen leaves and wet mud caused a lot of trouble, they also added a lot of fun to riders who were willing to take risks and challenges.

After making preparations before riding, you must also obey the traffic rules that you should abide by, and at the same time pay attention to the small signs of physical discomfort, don't let these affect your riding career. After all, cycling is not just a sport that only pursues speed and passion. Only by protecting yourself can you enjoy the cycling journey in a healthy and comfortable way and enjoy the natural scenery.
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