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Discussion in 'Road Bikes' started by CycleViking, Sep 8, 2009.

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    The typical bike is obviously designed for feather-weighted climbers, but some of us are too high or too heavily built to ever get below 80-85 kg without dying first ;)

    I'm 1 m and 94 cm, pretty heavy set and my weigh is usually +/- 95 kg.
    Still, I don't consider myself fat. I can indeed lose some kg's but I think my ideal weight would be somewhere just beneath 90 kg.

    So, can anyone please give me some advice on what kind of wheels I should get?
    I got myself a new Scott CR1 in May. While I'm very happy with the bike, I'm less than impressed with the Mavic Axuim Race wheels that came with it.

    I realize the need for wheels that can support my weight.
    My Axuims have been trued almost monthly since I got my bike, and I'm pretty tired of it :mad: So, new wheels it is!

    For the record, I'm not looking for wheels specifically for either training or racing, but rather good, solid wheels that I can use for both purposes.

    The most important for me is to have wheels that support my weight, but still feels good to ride with. I'm not looking for the lightest wheels just to have less weight to drag (that'd be a ridiculous expense when I can much cheaper loose 5 kg off my body, right? :eek: ).
    I had hoped to purchase good enough wheels for less than US$ 7-800.
    But if I have to pay more to get the right wheels, I'd rather do that than spend 800 on wheels not really good enough.

    I have received an offer on a pair of new Shimano WH-RS30 (including Michelin Lithion clinchers with inner tubes already on them) at US$ 500. I'm no expert, but isn't this very cheap? I thougt these wheels were priced somewhere around US$ 6-700 without tires...
    It's my LBS that gave the offer, and I've got them reserved a couple of days. They assure me that the WH-RS30 will manage my weight. Should I go for this deal?
    I also checked out HED Ardennes. They are very expensive in my opinion (cheapest I found was US$ 995 :eek:), but they seem to be a very good option for my big body...

    It would also be a treat if my next wheels would look somewhat like the Axiums; then I could pretend to still have my old wheels as far as my wife knows :D
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    I use 32 spoke wheels and 120psi.

    I have never had a problems and I weight 237#

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    Burr, thank you for the tip! I've heard about 32 spoked wheels, but are really unfamiliar with it.
    Most of the "bling" wheels I see others using, or on display in shops and blinking on cycling net-sites, have 16 to 20 spokes. Almost like Less is More, apparently...
    Could you please be a little more specific? Where could I check out this?

    As for the psi's, that would depend on the tires. Currently, I use Vredestein Fortezza TriComp SLicks, and they require a minimum of 8 bars which equals about 120 psi. But I don't dare inflating just the minimum, so I use 9 bars in front and 9,5 bars back.
    All other tires I've used have been inflated to about 120 psi though...
  4. Burr

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    32 spoke bike wheels

    Tons of info.
  5. chh55

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    If you want a pair of super wheels that have won TDF stages and are more or less bombproof I recommend the Mavic SSC SL. There are still some pairs out there before the red hub modell and they are great! Stiff, fast and fun! I have 2 pair, one clincher and one tube. The best in IMHO! I am 6'4" and weigh 87 kg.
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    My wheels are Ultegra hubs, Velocity Fusion 32-spoke rims, Wheelsmith spokes, brass nipples. They're not fancy but they work. I had them built at a local shop for less than $400. They have 12K miles on them now and I've never had them trued.
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    I know it has been a while since this was posted, but I thought to ask you: I'm 269lbs... can you recommend a good wheel set for me? I have a Peugeot Carbolite 103 with 27-1/4" steel wheels... can change to 700c if necessary but need a good recommendation on what to buy and where to buy from (internet site?).


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    Check out Bicycle Wheel Warehouse I bought a set of wheels from them last year and have been very happy with the quality. I know they also build wheels for heavier riders. The only negative (if you even what to call it that) is they don't follow up with emails or their web forum very well. You have to call them if you have questions. Very nice, helpful and knowledgeable once on the phone though.
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    I'm 6'2" @ 225 lbs and I was flexing my American Classic and Easton wheels that both had low spoke counts. I contacted Rob at Psimet about building me a custom wheelset for my size and needs and he sent me a couple of options.
    I ended up having him build me a 28f/2x and 32r/3x spoke count set that are very solid. 27mm deep front and 30mm deep rear rims, Novatec race hubs and Sapim CX-Ray spokes.


    Some others to look at also

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    At 260 and 6ft 4 my stock rear wheel was popping spokes regularly. Had the folks at prowheelbuilder.com build me a custom wheel 36 spoke DT-Swiss RR585 rim, Shimano 105 hub and DT-Swiss spokes, so far with 2000 miles on it no issues. I thought their prices were reasonable and will probably going back to them later in the year to get a matching front wheel.

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    I weigh about 250 (formerly 300+) and have commuted on a set of Gipiemme t-due 24-s rims for the past 6000 miles. I plan to replace them this year due to brake wear. Fyi- I am an aggressive commuter, but have only had a couple of trues and spoke replacements.

    I probably weigh close to 280 with winter gear, laptop, lunch etc.

    Great wheel set! 24 spokes, by the way.
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    Great thread! I'm 6'1 230lbs. My shimano wheels have 8 spokes. This winter I plan to do a bike build, More spokes are in the works!
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    Not very talented, but a lot of expensive equipment....nice words..
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    I am confused by this post - - Is it the weight or POWER that you can generate that causes the damage to the wheel ?? Wouldn't the manufacturer have weight limits for the bike or is it the dealers don't warn us properly ?
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    Go to Colorado Cyclist (or other places) and order:

    Kris King hubs
    Mavic Open Pro rims
    DT stainless steel spokes
    32 spokes, 2 or 3X

    I am guessing you will never need a spoke wrench after that, or any other
    maintenance. Mine didn't for 10 years, though I am lighter. They are
    moderately light, and not all that expensive compared to some of the
    factory wheels. They are not aero wheels by any means, so if that is
    important the Open Pro rims would be to shallow.