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Which bike computer to buy?

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Today we live the future…

If someone told me that someday we would be able to have a computer on our rides when I was 20, I would suggest he visited some doctor. Asap!

And here we are now, perfectly able to do so.

…which still leaves serious problems to be solved… Which computer should one buy???

I have set my budget to a maximum of 40 euros (let’s say 50 Usd) and wish for a wireless one to avoid cable mess.

Having researched the market I come across 2 computers that I like, and I would like advice on those or any other you guyz might be using…

1. Ciclosport CM 4.2, Ciclosport CM 4.2 Computer | Buy Online |
2. VDO X1 DW, VDO X1 DW | Buy Online |

Both come from Germany, VDO is (in my mind) better known for its quality. The Ciclosport has a better layout to offer, I think the screen on the VDO is very crammed to follow when riding a bike…

Any ideas?

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I don't know; I ride naked- no computers at all.
I use a $20. walmart cycle comp it has, odo, trip dist, speed, max spd, trip time, calories, fat, temp, and time of day and it is wireless I have bin useing it for a year seams ok to me
My friends also use budget computers, but often complaint of the cable. I wish to go for a wireless one.

I think it’s better to buy once than twice…more cost effective as well.

The thing is, is this thing needed, or is it just a gimmick for others to see???
The wallmart one I think it is Bell is wireless and only $20 I allso got a new one for X-Mass a Vetta wireless and wireless hart rate monetor and cadence avalable but I have not used it, I will put that on my new bike when it cimes
Well, give us some feedback on the Veta when you give it a try please...
I gave a friend a Ciclosport as a gift this Christmas. They're decent enough.
Hi Brian, thanx for the input!

Nice blog you got there!!!
I use a Wally World computer on my ride. Installed on the front.
It works.
In fact I went and got a second one so I can have a computer on the rear wheel for the trainer, that I can remove for outside riding.

Easily the best is the Garmin.
I use a Garmin forerunner 305, for both running and biking.
It downloads itself into my workout log automatically, displays on a map, and shows altitude drops/gains, has a virtual partner to try and keep up with. Even has an HRM.
An excellent tool for a recreationalist rider.
HOWEVER...$130 on sale.

Great advice on the Garmin, thank you!

Is there a European vs. US model?

I can see on Ebay the US models are seriously well priced. I could get one for less than half the money here.

But will it work as it should? Are there maps included in the software?
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