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I have only lived in OKC since 5/11 but I have seen dozens and dozens
of cyclists ranging from casual to commuter to groups of cyclocross guys blazing through downtown and in the Paseo district.
Granted this is an 'OIL' town and there are just starting to be city projects to expand on bike lanes and such, and the path along the 'River' was recently completed.
OKC 360 does have plans to do more of these things, and I think that
if the bicycling community in this town would speak up a bit louder to the community groups (see Spokes Rentals in BrickTown and Downtown)
as well as the city council and the 360 Group, we could make it safer and easier for MORE PEOPLE TO BIKE IN THIS TOWN!
There are some current plans here to make commuting and recreational biking better in this town. But considering the current political and economic conditions, I feel that if we do not add our voices to thoses of the current advocates of these programs, were going to get screwed out of better riding conditions!:hate:

Best Regards,

Andy T {~;

PS Just found a primo old American Fryer frame for $15, and I'm gonna build a 'Cross Bike.:D
You 'cross' guy's I see from time to time, if you have or know of good parts and places to ride get in touch and post it here!
(It has vertically adjustable pad center-pull brakes so first item I need is a good set of 700c rims! And Craigslist Bikes OKC Sucks for finding parts!:eek:)
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