Wine boxes & wool jerseys

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by hophead, Sep 19, 2009.

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    So, I decided that today I would wash my wool jerseys. Hmmmm, what to drink? What goes with wool jersey washing? Fish Eye Shiraz, of course! I just happened to have a box--That's right a box.

    I love the box-o-wine. It lasts much longer than a bottle. I don't mean cuz it's bigger, but cuz no 02 gets in. Oxygen is good to have on a long climb, but not so good in your wine. Ya just open the tap, fill your glass, and drink! No worries if ya don't finish the box. It'll still be good the next time around.

    Tonight I discovered that when the box stops pouring, even after tipping it, shaking it, and generally looking like a fool trying to get the last drop out, the box must be disassembled to scavenge every last drop.

    Wine boxes are made out of some incredibly strong cardboard alloy. If the Japanese had know about it, they would have used it to make Samurai swords.

    Anyway, after toiling for several minutes with my bear hands, I grabbed a knife and cut the top off. I removed the bladder and drained another 3 or 4 ounces of wine from it. It was like finding the prize in the Cracker Jack box!:)

    I just thought that I'd share this experience with you all. Hope everyone is having a great weekend and getting in some saddle time.


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    Nice one hophead, hope to have a few beers myself once i finish work tonight...only another 5 hours to go...