Wrong time of year to be there

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    My poor spousal unit had to make a work related trip to the Great White North this week. I looked at the local temps there and no offense to my fellow Northern friends here but SCREW that!
    The old Air Force saying still holds true. Why not Minot? Freez'n is the reason!

    12 degrees feels like -3, winds are WNW at 13 mph, with snow showers in the forecast!

    Phoenix or the likes sounds better every day. It was 70 degrees here for Presidents day and it's 25 now...I don't mind change but this is ridiculous.

    This thing isn't flying in the clouds it's a preflight on a B-52H Stratofortress on the flighline...doesn't look very cycle friendly there!

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    That's amazing, I've never seen anything close to that, but I would imagine 0 doesn't feel a lot different than minus 10 right?