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West Virginia has been working hard for some time, to improve their trail map inventory and we've made some wonderful progress.

Click on a trail and a window opens on the right of your screen with a description. Choose to view an elevation profile and it pops up on the lower left. You can even download the trail and info., for use when you're on the trail and might not have service.

Not all services are available on mobile devices.

Future improvements will included water trails and possibly partnering with boarding states (note we are currently showing a little of Virginia's trail system, because part of that trail runs through WV).

The site is:

Below are some photographs of the site.

Ecoregion World Map Line Atlas

Ecoregion Map Watercourse Line Terrestrial plant

Mountain Ecoregion Slope Map Biome

Plant Font Pattern Grass Parallel

Green Font Technology Electronic device Pattern

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That's pretty cool and I like that I could just pull out bike trails.
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