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The kind folks over at XTC recently sent me their new bike wash system for review, and as always, I was happy to oblige.

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I usually just wash my bike when I wash my car. Same basic process, decent results. Lots of scrubbing, but it gets the job done.

The first difference is this Bike Wash requires no scrubbing. You spray the entirety of the cycle then let it sit, the spray itself has a slight citrus smell. I had a bit of an issue getting the nozzles to spray correctly, and had to trim them several times to get it right.

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After letting sit the recommended five minutes I sprayed my bike with a fairly intense spray from the hose, and watched as the dirt ran off my bike onto the ground.

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The second product in the series is a De-greaser. Also requiring no scrubbing, I sprayed the tire and crank area, and then let it set 5 minutes. After a thorough spray down, more dirt and grime came off. Not something typical of quick washes. It recommends thorough cleansing or removing it with a towel, which I still did not have to do. The less work the better in my opinion.

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Moving down the line, the next product in the system is a Mud Guard. For anyone hitting trails, or commuting, I find the Mud Guard a must. Making for easier cleaning the next time you have to clean it, I look forward to knowing more about it as I dirty the Uno up again. The directions say you can apply wet or dry, but I went ahead and dried before application ensuring an even coat. I did have to go back over after spraying it to even it out, but I think that was more on my end than the Mud Guard's.

The remaining two products are the Quick hit and the Reflect Chrome and paint polish.

I used the quick hit, just as the name indicated, quickly, the fumes are a little much, but the indication on the label was a sufficient warning, so I expected it. Be sure not to inhale. The luster was a significant improvement though, and well worth it. Due to the warnings, I used vinyl gloves while applying and polishing, I recommend users of the XTC X-Tream Clean System do the same.

The last product in the system was the Reflect, Chrome and paint polish. Not having a lot of chrome on my bike, I used it only on the rear, mud guard. Used like a typical wax you apply it, allow to dry to a haze, then buff it off. I loved it, I wish I had more chrome to apply it to. It says it can be used on paint, so next time instead of using Quick Hit, I will be using the polish.

All and all, it was good system. If I had any recommendations, it would be to use vinyl gloves through the entire wash. I had to wash my hands several times, and never really got that soap feeling off. It also significantly dried my hands, but the effect, was awesome, especially considering I usually just wash it with car soap and dry it by hand.

This product is great for anyone looking to get their bikes seriously clean, novice or the serious pedal enthusiast, all and all a good product.

XTC X-tream Clean
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