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Your Most Recent Purchase (Pic required)

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You can learn a lot about someone by what they purchase.

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Breakfast Purchase

Just shy of 14 lbs. of oatmeal. And a shipment of my favorite morning brew. Roasted and delivered to my door in 2 days. Some of the coffee will be given to some of my customers. Instead of lame advertising crap like calendars or refrigerator magnets I like to give coffee or in winter hot chocolate assortment boxes.
Wait, wait ,wait, wait, back up a few did someone say "band camp"?
Little time to kill today. TJMaxx Moka Pot for me $9.99, Polar Bottle for my daughter $6.99.
My 10 yr. old daughter was lagging behind with her 24" tires. And now that shes just shy of 5' time for a new bike. So I looked and found this Trek 700 on CL for $75.00. She booking now. My son has the same mens model 700 in blue, a bike that was given to me. So no arguing about who has a better bike.
Our school implemented a system this year where we can go to the school website. Click on the link for the calendar and pick the teacher(s) on that day. It will show if they have homework or not for that class. So no asking do you have any homework, no ,ok. Then find out a week later they have a science project due tomorrow. Won't be foolproof but it will help.
Went in to a bike shop and started looking at jerseys and a voice said anything on that rack $10. So I picked up 2 Pearl Izumis for me, 2 for a friend not pictured, 1 for my wife and 1 Endura for my daughter. And the Sugoi Helium Jacket for me. That's right folks all for the low low price of $70.00.
Then I walked over to the shoes. The voice said all shoes $20.00 so since I picked up 2 pair of Shimano MTB shoes last winter on a closeout pile for $32.00 a pair I bought 2 pair of road shoes. I should be set on shoes for a while. One advantage of working for yourself. I get to dodge into bike shops all over the place. The guy said he had a lot of stock he wanted to get rid of. I think what happened was they closed another store and brought it all in to the one and wanted to move it. Of course you know what I did next. Yup went to browse the shorts and bibs. Waiting eagerly but there was no magic voice this time.
Only if we can take out bacon and put in 'Lou's Meatballs'
I used to be a pump jockey at a full service gas station auto repair place when I was young and changed and patched tubes for tractor tires in the field filled with calcium chloride, spreader tires, split rim semi tires and bike tires and what davereo said is the exact same thing my boss told me. Inflate the tube with just enough to expand the tube fully then deflate it and inflate it to full pressure to make sure that the tube is seated properly and not pinched. Not guaranteeing its 100% but the extra step takes little to no time.
No picture, but I bought three sufferfest videos this evening. Figure it'd make non-TrainerRoad trainer days more interesting.
Don't know if you're (your wife is) an Amazon Prime member but they have a lot of scenic type vids. on there. You can rent them or buy them and watch on your TV. We stream it through the Wii. Like biking through Yellowstone or biking through Tuscany. If you not looking for a workout type video but something to relieve the boredom. Just thought I'd mention maybe someone may find them useful. I did one biking through rural Germany. Bored the crap out of me because it wasn't much different from biking around Wisconsin.
Bought this a couple months ago on CL. Just my size and only 150 miles on it. It's a 2002. Not a scratch on the thing. It is a big step up for me. Needs a new saddle and pedals yet. It came with a pump, extra tube, all the manuals, 2 saddles for $700.00. The guy bought it and didn't ride it. Now he's starting a family and his wife said just sell it.
^ Very nice ride rush. You got a great deal. You bought this a couple of months ago and you haven't got a saddle or pedals for it yet? I admire your patience because I wouldn't be able to wait that long to ride it.
I wanted to, but I thought since it has been sitting dormant for a decade in the previous owners house I thought maybe I should have a bike shop look it over just to be sure. And John I will steal a saddle from another bike to get on this one, but pedals I already purchased. thanks for the suggestions.
So at work we adopted 2 brother/sister orphans at the Children's Home for Christmas. They each provided us with a list of needs/wants and we each chose what we would get them. Well the boy, 13yo said he wants a 26" bike. So of course I picked that out right away as what I would get. So I went to Target and picked out a Magna Excitir MTB ($119) for him last night. However when I went to check out I noticed it had a scratch on it from the zip tie. So they were going to build me another one and have it ready tonight and save it for me. So I went to pick it up tonight and low and behold, no bike. So since we are going to the Children's Home tomorrow I was obviously upset. The guy tried selling me a $130 Magna but it was only 24". So I saw a Schwinn Ranger MTB up top for $189 and I asked him if they would honor the price of the Magna for that Schwinn since it is not here and it is for a kid for Christmas that we adopted. Without a second thought he said yes he would honor it. So I got the Schwinn Ranger MTB for $119. I can't wait to give it to him tomorrow. I love Target! All my Christmas shopping will be done there this year.

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I'd take it to an LBS for a once over. Got my daughter one for her birthday, purchased in Feb.) a few years ago and now she has the Trek. But we were out for a ride when the weather got nice in May luckily we were going uphill slowly instead of downhill rapidly when she shifted and it threw the chain into the wheel stopping her dead. And over she went. Derailleur bent, spokes bent, etc. so I broke the chain to detangle everything put it back on a middle gear and chainring and single speeded home. Should have checked the limits/stops. But can't trust the Target "techs." and since it was over 30 days Target would not accept the return. So never buy a summer activity present in winter or vice versa because it may be unreturnable before you ever use it. So I boycott Target. Apparently they have a lot of customer service issues. Pacific Cycle on the other hand that owns Schwinn. Great, sent a new derailleur and rear rim absolutely free not even a shipping charge. Didn't ask for anything to be returned. Yaaayyy Pacific, booooooo Target.
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I guess it's part of the house if you sell and move. Or get a bigger power lift dolly. We used those for putting in and taking out heavy oil boilers. They are slick just make certain they have a :eek:full charge when you use it. Losing power halfway up the steps is no fun.
I have a friend that works as a service tech for a heating oil company. He almost lost his life when a staircase collapse while bringing in a new boiler.
I believe it. Some of the old farmhouse steps are so steep and rickety they aren't fit for the rats and mice to travel on them. And the lights if there are any usually don't work so you can't see the steps which are never the same rise. And they know your coming so can they help out a little and get some lights and do some cleaning. Whoa I was just going to say "I believe it" but I couldn't stop. But I feel better now for some reason.
Tool Chest. The two park tool multi tools came in the box with my Novara. :)
Crap, I think a little drool just ran out and on to the keyboard.
Just bring me back some prosciutto will you

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Lou can't you just go to Grandmas for that? And I hope I didn't put my foot in my mouth again if I missed something. :eek:
I have no problem buying from my local guy to keep his doors open, but a spare pair here is dirt cheap.
Everything on the Park Tool rack 50% off. Got the seat pack for my daughter, to match her red bike, also 50% off. The patch kit and levers are for her pack. I will be going back to hit up the rack again. It is 50% off till gone. They are switching to another brand of tools to sell.
i been wearing sunglasses and it bother me, so i found me a deal on amazon and grab it. cant pass on 120 shipped. when i went back to purchase more, the price went up to 220 but from different seller
Let us know how it goes with that helmet. I have to wear glasses so I was looking at these as well. I could ditch the cycling cap when it's hot if this set up works.
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