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Your Most Recent Purchase (Pic required)

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You can learn a lot about someone by what they purchase.

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Got a new saddle. A velo, got it cheap.(and my old saddle was causing ...issues in places, that shouldn't get...issues)
And a new saddle bag off of Woot, also cheap. came with a road rash 1st aid kit too...handy(if you ride like me!)

Also got the heap a new set of slippers:
These were $$$

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My Jeep is my baby.
I have fitted it out with all the neat toys: winch with syn rope, crawl box transfer case, dual air lockers, armor plate from end to end, more horsepower, etc...
Not a great on street driver, kinda noisy, rough ride, and very costly tires, looks the part, and goes anywhere...literally.
I will post a pic when I take one.

I just had 7 teeth pulled and implants done.

Oh man.
Oh man.
Oh man.
I am trashed.
A pair of winter running shoes.

These spikes were a mistake, but they look the part. I ordered short ones and this what was sent.
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Couldn't take it any more! Way too uncomfortable!
So...bit the bullet and went to the Bike Source store.
Told the clerk I want to be comfortable again.

Got a partial bike fit and this:
A specialized Romin evo gel saddle 155mm size.
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Jeepster, ride with that saddle yet?
I have.
Did a BRick yday.(BRick- Bike + Run=ick).(I think BRicks are THE hardest workout on the ole body, I am in good shape and it kicks me). Did a 20K(14 miles) bike and a 5K(3 mile) run with race type transition(in other words-Hurry up).

The saddle was sweet. Not the lightest thing in the world but it sits nice. It sits a bit different than the velo(cheap saddle) it is replacing. There is a spot on the saddle you are supposed to light on and I am not lighting on it properly, I go too far back, so a relearning is in order. The pro fitting revealed this little tidbit. They did show me the "right" way though.

The Bike Source is a local franchise store for Specialized, and they have an entire room for nothing but saddles. They told me they sell a lot of saddles.
Went to the Sheldon Brown site and spent some time reading about bikes and fit, and saddles. ( ).
This guy was a guru at least. He obviously had comfort issues and made it his calling to find comfort on a bike.
I looked, on line anyhow, at a bunch of saddles and almost went with a Fizak saddle instead as they were rated as having a good platform to perform on, a narrow nose and a wide sit zone with little transition from nose to platform, their thing, the transition. Looked a Brooks(discussed by Sheldon), and the ISM saddles too(also discussed by Sheldon). I went with Specialized and the Body Geometry system(also rated by Sheldon).
As costly as a good saddle is, I sure hope I chose... correctly.
I bought $1278.00 in dental work today. And since I refuse to play by the rules, not photos.
Trade ya.
4 weeks ago I had 7 teeth pulled and implants installed(???), put in(???), you know what I mean...
Many thousands of dollars.
Today I just got back from the dentist and found out that 2 did not align. ARGH!! Gotta wait 4 months for everything to heal up, and then try again.
She(the dentist) is going to take the mis-aligned existing implants out next week to allow for healing. Oh man...
It occurred to me.
For the price of those implants, I could have bought myself a Titanium Dura Ace crotch rocket.


I could have bought a nice used car...
A Ruger 40 cal S&W.
Got it cheap. Used.

Shot it y-day...Not real accurate, but works just fine.
I will load it up with FBI loads and hollow points and keep it in the closet.
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Are those Hougue grips?
I don't think so. The grips say "Ruger" on them. I am guessing not 500 rounds have been put through it. It is about 6 years old and in new condition. A Ruger P94.

This is my 1st .40 s&w. Came with a sweet belt holster. But is pretty big, too big to conceal carry(if one is skinny like me...I need small).
The 1st thing I needed to do before I could even shoot it was to paint the sights glow green.
My eyes...I have "old person eyes", can't see well close up. The sights are blurry to me. So if they are painted with glow paint, I can see them.
This must be a common issue as there is paint made just for this use...
Here is a pic of my $1500 truck.(another $500 to plate it...the DMV is completely out of control)
A '95 Ford Ranger 4x4 with 130,000 miles on it, no dings or dents and new tires and everything on it works.
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I just bought a quadracopter. About 28 inches square. X-heli is the brand.
Don't work.
The battery won't charge. I think it is the ultra cheap charger that came with it. Could be the fancy lipro battery too.
Either way...DARN!

If it has near a 4 pound payload, for whatever(I got it for a go-pro camera and jeeping) and over a 1/4 mile range. 10 minute fly time(with no payload and a stock battery), 8 with a camera. Light wind is invisible and moderate wind doesn't ground it.

On sale today for 1/2 price. So I pulled the trigger and bought one.
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Sorry... )
Go to Nashbar, and enter the code 35647 for 20% off. With shipping the total will be, with tax(I need to pay tax as there are Performance bike shops in town and the 2 are the same company), right at $39
My tool kit arrived. It is of good quality, it seems. Fairly complete:

Now...a couple of those tools...
What are they for?

This? What is it for?

And these:
I think the 2 are for pulling the lock ring off a cassette(I assume one for mountain and 1 for road???)
That other one??? Next to the spoke wrench. A mountain bike crank extractor? I see and know about the crank extractor for a roadie. Can see them in the full pic.
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The list.
Had to go to the web site to get the list and see if I could put the name with the tool.
I did ok... I think???

Chain tool
Integrated bottom bracket wrench adapter
Double bit Philips/Flathead screwdriver
6-piece hex wrench set (2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm)
Chainring bolt wrench/crankarm dust cover tool
Flathead screwdriver
8mm hex wrench with ½" driver
2-piece tire lever set
15mm pedal wrench with 14/15mm socket wrench
Sprocket removal tool
Integrated bottom bracket wrench
Cassette lockring tool
2-piece cone wrench set (2 x 13/14/15/16mm)
3-sided spoke wrench
Crank extractor
Cartridge bottom bracket tool
T-25 Torx wrench
Patch kit
Custom-molded tool box
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