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Your Most Recent Purchase (Pic required)

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You can learn a lot about someone by what they purchase.

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Merry Christmas ....
Edwin Jagger De89lbl

I looked at those the other weekend and was kinda surprised that most were close to a fidy dolla bill !
I am stocked beyond belief! Last weekend we did a awesome group MTB of about 34 people of all skills and abilities. It was the most fun on ANY ride I have ever done road or MTB. I tell you this as I ride a 20 year old Specialized that weighs a ton! It was FREE and I rode it for 2 years to find out I LOVE MTB as much and MAYBE more than road!

So on this awesome ride last weekend we had a 5 ish mile ride on the road to drop in...these clowns thought we were on road bikes avg 17 mph. Killed me :)
Anyway it is one of the hilliest, tightest, technical single tracks we have. In some spots I just closed my eyes and hoped my bars would fit between the trees, it worked :D

So on the ride out I got a flat, I mean it was FAST and a LOUD one. No big deal I have a spare and CO2. Check the inside of the tire and the rim since we are still 2.5 miles from where we started. Flip the bike over and get on and BOOOOM it does it again, holy cow this aint good! no more tubes and the guys with me are on 29ers... I blew the sidewall completely out, this just suckssss! As luck would have it somebody came back looking for us and sent a car to carry my broke stuff home, disappointing and embarrassing to say the least.

Well...that was taken care of today :) Moma bought me a Superfly 100 AL today. Managed a SUPER deal and ended up with Fox shocks to boot, pretty happy to say the least!

So the first picture is the new ride then old vs new and last the group ride from last Sunday, awesome times is all I can say.

I can't believe is supposed to friggin rain all day tomorrow
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Looks like you got a wife that takes good care of you as well!!!!:thumbsup:

She's a good women for sure. ANYBODY that can put up with me for 28 years deserves better honestly:eek:
Thanks Nigal, I actually had my eyes set on a 26er Fuel ex 8 and my loving bride pushed me in the right direction :D
Hanging head low... I have to go shopping with moma and friends tomorrow BUT I WILL NOT COMPLAIN :D
here is my most recent purchase.

What it is? I can't seez it :D
40 cal. springfield armory. its the xd-40 and it is very comfortable with the extended mag in it. with the regular one, it fits cristina perfectly.

i am still learning about pistols so i know hardly anything. i am only trained on the m16, m60, and the SAW. i had to take this one out and read all the instructions and follow everything line by line in the manual to see how everything works. sometime, i will take it down to the range and buy some ammo to test it out with the wife. it is actually the one she picked so she can be comfortable on it and once she is comfortable and we are both trained by one of the local concealed handgun classes, i will buy my own (probably buy my own prior to the class though). we also have to train our kids but they will start in the children's classes and work their way up.
I got to shoot a 1911 .45 and if I could get my hands on one that would be my pistol of choice!
Rola your bike looks awesome!
Thank you rynoman03, I feel pretty lucky to have a wife that supports me and honestly just to be able to afford it.
dude, I've had the Superfly 100 AL and/or the Rumblefish on my wishlist for a year now.... saving up for one of the other.
let me know how much you love the bike. because I know you're going to love it!
congrats brother!
I'm jealous and coveting
Man, I really got lucky! I just can't say it enough! I really feel lucky to have been able to get this. After last weekend disastrous weekend I figured I was out for a while. I just did not want to buy new wheels and bearings for the old MTB.

I am VERY fortunate I have an understanding wife, I owe it all to her! I'm given a monthly bike allowance and that would have out me WAY over budget :D
Scored a couple of nice items today while up in Richmond. Moma bought me a new stand for the MTB and a new pair of Shimano MTB shoes. Caught them on sale. Then I stumbled upon a Camelbak Mule also on sale...she made me pay for that one :) Found it at REI on sale for 70 bux, not bad!
I dig all of your purchases!
It wouldn't be possible without a SUPER understanding wife! After all she has put up with me for 28 years as of this weekend!
Running a website about outdoor gear has certain perks. Here are a few products incorporating some really cool technology or design features, plus a knife handmade in Norway. I've got a ton of stuff to write about, but don't want to give the rest away. You'll have to read the articles/reviews.
What kind of shoes are those Hack?
I've got that same stand, Rola .... works great!
Cool! For some reason I found it kinda hard to find one that worked with the 29er.
Got to buy another beer frig. Pisses me off as I just sold one when we got out new stuff. Sorry to tired to post a picture.
Mine is a sport package as well but an auto so the boss lady can drive it. If I was smart it would have been a manual for the opposite reason! :)
I think auto in ATL traffic can't be beat!
My wife and I set out today to invest in a decent pair of hiking boots today. I had my mind set on a set of Merrell Moabs. Tried them on and the fit was just not there for me. The arch felt very funny to me.

I found a set of Keen Voyageurs that fit like a glove. Wore them a bit around the store and and went up and down the rock in the store and they just felt so good!

I know more about Merrell than Keen but man, the fit was just soooo..... Cadillac!
My semi-homeless friend informed me that he only got about 700 miles out of his Keen boots before they fell apart. So if you set out on a cross-country walk, they may let you down. :rolleyes:

The only hiking boots I have found with the perfect fit for my fussy feet are Aku's La Stria Suede GTX.
Yea, I have read they don't hold up as well as others. No worries, no x-country walks or walkabouts for us :D. Mostly day trips. The Aku's La Stria Suede GTX look like they could be hard to find around these parts!
So what type of cleat do they take? :rolleyes:
lol, they can be fitted with any style cleat as long you drill them correctly :)

Cygolite Explorer 650 OSP Lights (2ea)
For Night Single Track Adventures.
Nice! Although I have enough trouble on single track in the Day light when I can see everything :)
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