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Your Most Recent Purchase (Pic required)

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You can learn a lot about someone by what they purchase.

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Dave- my current shoes have easily over 8k miles on them over the past 3 years. I've been keeping them closed with duct tape since the ratchets fell apart at their mounting points as did the serrated/stepped strip during rides. The other night at the roller races, I managed to pull the cleat right out of the shoes. For $120 shoes (Specialized MTB Comp) I cannot complain. The sole started to break down, the stitching is long gone from the toe bumper and the tongue is in name only. sock liner? Pheh!

I figured for the time/distance riding I do between commuting, club rides and the upcoming race season, I should treat myself to good shoes. If it is one thing I have learned with cycling, it pays to have good equipment for your contact points.

I was REALLY iffy on having white shoes, but I figured they'll make my pasty legs look darker.

White shorts aren't going to happen.
photobucket finally loaded the last pic of the mirror and skull cap

nice pistola!!! i have the larger brother in 40 cal

Magic Mike?
in reverence to Super J's chain whip confusion, I am writing a new bicycle maintenance manual.

Very illustrated.

"50 Shades of Bike Maintenance using chain whips, frame slings/swings and lube"

first 500 copies will be signed by me.
Ultegra FTW!

going from 105 and Apex to Ultegra was incredible!

It's a Giant mini pump (road) but what I like is that it has an extendable hose so you don't risk damaging/tearing the valve stem. It is also able to connect ot schrader and presta valve stems.

the pedals are speedplay zeros. I got the chromoly because I couldn't justify the expense for stainless or titanium.

Yes it is out of focus, still learning the camera functions on the new phone.
Can't safely drive anymore so. . . . . .along with some handmade bling courtesy of my wife. I snapped the picture just as I finished sweeping and doing dishes:eek:
Notice I pointed out I was the one doing the dishes, so I was the only one in the kitchen;)

you can tell i did it because there's stuff all over the counter and I didn't close the cabinet door!
I'm looking for a rear rack, but I don't have braze on lugs (upper). Trying to consider options. Thinking about Arkel ... either that, or find some boss studs to clamp onto seat stays and going with something else. Just looking for something for those longer rides where I might want to carry lunch and extra stuff.
Check out the Axiom binders, they have threaded eyelets' between that and a rack that mounts to your rear skewer, you'll be all set if you do not want ot go the Arkel route.
I had a Mk2 jetta, 2 Mk3 Jettas, my wife had a Mk4 and we have two Mk5 Jettas now.

All of mine have been stick, hers were/are auto. the Mk2 needed NOTHING until 196k miles when the tranny went and wouldn't stay in fifth.

Still jonesing for a MkII 16V GTI with the Euro headlight conversion...

By the way, my grandparents live off of Union Blvd in Totowa!
Ever have to cut a buttonhole open? Never ever a pleasant experience especially when it splits open but not all of the way. . .
Little Drachen's birthday coming up. . .

I had my eye on a Specialized Hot Rock or a Giant Lil Puddin' but she said she wanted something with princesses and a basket. . . . . .

I also had to make time coming home today; UPS had delivered today and I had to get back before the big storm came today. I am storing it in our minivan for now, but here's a daddy/daughter shot before I put it in the car. Only rained on for a few minutes plus the box was still dry!
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