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Your Most Recent Purchase (Pic required)

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You can learn a lot about someone by what they purchase.

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27.98 at Target Champion C9 soft shell jacket

Good wind stop
front pockets
many colors available
Kept me warm with just a long sleeve jersey underneath 35 F
Held up well in the wash no shrinkage and all seams still intact.

No rear pocket
No reflective material
No sleeve closures
sizing runs a little large
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Its not a mountain bike until it gets dirty. Now go out and ride during the rain and whip up some mud. You have a long weekend to clean up the mess.
Rola nice bike and a great wife I'm.

The Nashbar steerer tube cutting guide. Now I know who to PM if I need to borrow one.
It may be fun to practice a few cuts before you cut the tube to lenght. This way here you will know how the tube and saw work together. It would be a bummer to chip your steerer tube. Even though you wont be able to physically see it you will always see it in your head. I know I would.
I think I will head out to the garage for a beer. Finally home on a Friday night.
Carpal Tunnel?
Nigal. I am keeping my thought to myself. But I am having a good laugh on you. :)
Knee I will get those in 2017 or 18 when I can afford them.:)
I hear you knee. I have a pair of Look shoes that are 13 years old. Yesterday the rubber heel on the bottom fell off the left shoe when I got off my trainer. The right shoe this past summer suffered from the velcro pulling off the bottom strap. I am fairly sure I got this pair on clearance from Supergo.

Good quality shoes are the best. They are still good when they are on clearance.
I dont skimp. Just because I get them on clearance they were once top of the line. Currently I have one pair of Time one pair of Luis Garneau and one pair of Lake winter cycling shoes along with my Look shoes. All of them purchased on clearance with the Lakes being the most I ever spent at 79.99.
A few items have started to arrive for my mountain to flat bar road bike conversion.
Sounds like an interesting project Dave. Do you already have a frame picked out?
Cause nashbar has excellent prices on some Fuji frames right now. Just sayin. ;)
I actually have a Nashbar A1 mountain bike that I have stripped down to the frame to use. The coporate director of the family has not been unable to return to work since last July so the financial officer has informed me that I must wait for my tax return of prophet sharing before I can purchase the last round of items needed.

The Bontrager Fork in the picture was obtained along with a set of brakes on the swap thread.

I was also PM'd by one of our members when I had items up for swap looking for 9sp components. I was sent a gift of a Tiagra RD and cassette along with some shimano R440 flat bar shifters. These are all like brand new.

Hers a picture of the mountain bike that I am using. Seeing as I purchased it a few years back.
dis ting is too small mon!
"I hope you like Jammin too"
I cant remember the 80's.;)
Picked this up a few weeks back and mounted it on my Fuji today.
I here ya Synack. The reason why I mounted it is so I never head out without it.
I just got in a box of 100 cable ends. I always chisled these at the LBS 1 or 2 at a time. It's just nice to have these on hand they are a nice finishing touch on new cables. I needed some to finish up my Fuji project so for $8.50 a box of 100 just made sense. I picked up the 1.6 cable ends and use them on both brake and shifter cables. I use a mini pair of vise grip type pliers to crimp them on. I included the bottle cap in the photo for size referance.
those are the smallest vise grips i have ever seen
I picked them up at Harbour Frieght a few years ago when they opened a store in the city. They really suck at anything else. Work great crimping though.
Thats why I buy it by the 30 pack. Stocking up on canned goods.
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