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Your Most Recent Purchase (Pic required)

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You can learn a lot about someone by what they purchase.

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We just got a new fridge, as the old one died on us Saturday. Won't get it until the 31st, so no pics until then. Cycling related, I got these as an early Christmas present to myself:

Picked up the one with the smoke, photochromatic (transition) lenses. The lenses are interchangeable so I may pick up a second color for special occasions.
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tanglewood2son said:
I bought one of these the other day, paid extra to have it delivered on the 24th - but, it wasn't !!!
So it seems it'll be Thursday or even later now.....
I have, however, sent the website one of those "thanks for not delivering on your promises!" Letters that was more than insightful to/for them....
I see your trainer has a remote control for the resistance settings. I have one on my Minoura and really like it. Sorry you didn't get your trainer when promised but I hope you really enjoy it.
My trainer doesn't have a built in HRM, but I always use mine when I'm on it. What trainer do you have?
superj said:
i use oakley si ballistic m frame 2.0. i have the regular tinted lenses, the persimmon, the green, and the clear.

"The Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame 2.0 surpasses ANSI Z87.1 Industrial Standards for high-mass and high-velocity impact protection. The M Frame 2.0 additionally meets MIL SPEC MIL-PRF 31013. "
We have a few Oakley stores in some of malls here. I was looking at them but for as many sunglasses as I go through, the price was just more than I wanted to spend. I was wearing a pair of wraparound sunglasses from WalMart that ran me $20.00. They're great glasses but fog up to much.

I have been looking at these photochromatic glasses every time I walk into the LBS but never got them because of the price. The LBS is having their End of the Year sale and these were marked down 30%, so I bit the bullet and got them. The replacement lens are only $14.95 each, regardless of the color.
The wife have me a nice gift certificate to my favorite LBS for Christmas. I went there yesterday to cash in the loot only to find out they were pretty much wiped out of their inventory. I did get a nice pair of Pearl Izumi arm warmers and will return after the first of the year for more goodies.
27.98 at Target Champion C9 soft shell jacket

Good wind stop
front pockets
many colors available
Kept me warm with just a long sleeve jersey underneath 35 F
Held up well in the wash no shrinkage and all seams still intact.

No rear pocket
No reflective material
No sleeve closures
sizing runs a little large
I have that same jacket, but in red. I also have their C9 nylon rain jacket, also in red, that was on sale for around $15.00. I like the rain jacket better because it not only keeps out the rain, but it seems to keep the wind out a bit better than the other jacket does. It also rolls up smaller and tighter so I can tie it under my seat or on the aerobars to keep it out of the way.
I didn't know that they had commercial CO2 cartridge covers. I use an old 23/25 cm tube that can't be patched. The tube over the cylinder does a pretty good job of insulating your fingers from the frosted cylinder.
Does that haul one or two bikes? Looks pretty nice.

Very nice setup for hauling things around. It's probably the best bike trailer setup I've seen.
I found a set of Keen Voyageurs that fit like a glove. Wore them a bit around the store and and went up and down the rock in the store and they just felt so good!
So what type of cleat do they take? :rolleyes:
125$ out the door, they were ready to get rid of it to make room for there newer stuff, it has one little 3/32 paint chip. I fugured hey its a mountian bike ill do worse to it, and im sure and my wife has nail polish about the same color.
WOW! You can't even get a have decent WallyWorld bike for that price.
Finally found a decent iPhone holder that will work with my case on the phone and protects it from the rain. It will fit on the handlebars, the stem or the aerobars. I got the optional t-bar mount (left) for my hybrid since it will take up the space where my light and computer are now mounted.
Where did you find it?
It came from a company called Alt-Gear. They sell two different styles, 1) BiKase - this is the one I was looking for that was posted on one of the TS forums and 2) Zixtro - the one I ended up getting. The Bikase uses a zipper to enclose the phone and what looks like imitation leather on the top. With the rains we get here, I was afraid that it would soak through and have too much moisture in the phone compartment. The Zixtro has a rubber cover that goes over the base and seems to be more rain resistant. We shall see if it's true or not the first time I get caught in the rain. Both cases hold most any brand of cellular smart phone, except the new Notes. It's not iPhone specific and you don't need to remove any protective case from the phone in order for it to fit, which is what I wanted.

Link to Alt-Gear.Com

Edit: The other thing I like about the Zixtro is that the locking mechanism on the phone case is a belt clip.

Mounted on my aerobars.
Looks awesome finished. Now go out and ride it and give us a ride report. :thumbsup:
I'm another one for forgetting water bottles. Since we got the van and the bikes are kept and transported in it, I now carry extra water bottles in the van.
superj said:
i keep thinking of buying a van because the recumbent doesn;t fit in the back of hte four door wrangler, even with the seats laid down
Is your recumbent a two wheeler or a trike? If you don't want a full size ban, take your recumbent to a Ford dealer and see if it fits in a Transit Connect. It should fit if the van is a two seater and the bike doesn't have a long wheelbase. My wife's tadpole trike fits in ours and we have rear folding seats.
I gave up all soda, diet and otherwise!
Ditto! And I used to work at Coca-Cola, before I retired, and got all I wanted for free (fountain drink). Never drank any while I was there.
Unless you forget to put them in the van.
True! But luckily, I haven't done that so far. :)
Gear flapper thing sounds like a chain whip.
Best saddle in the world IMHO.
You haven't tried an ISM saddle yet. I've tried a Brooks that was loaned to me by the LBS and the ISM has it beat hands down.
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