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Your Most Recent Purchase (Pic required)

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You can learn a lot about someone by what they purchase.

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How do you like it?
I love how it looks! I just got it yesterday morning and my bike is having surgery performed on it. (Getting a new fork and headset.) So i really can't put the bike on it right now due to it being at a friends house and having no fork on it.

I'll let ya'll know after I test it out.
Get the Bones you won't be sorry. Best price I could find online was at Amazon w/ free shipping. But I had Christmas Cash and didn't want to charge it so I bought it locally at my LBS for $133 + Tax.

Saris-Bones-805-2-Bike-Trunk (<--Click me for Amazon Link!)
Looks painful!

Cool looking bike Curry!
Bought this last Wed. for the Haro SS i'm building. I guess I should put it up here.

I can't get a good pic so I will leave it to you all to visit the link.

EDIT: @ Hack I used your IndustryOutsider re-direct link from your website for So you should have gotten some funds of some sort for your site.
Saw a Garmin 500 with all the accessories today on KC Craigslist for $175.00 Man how I was tempted!
Rode 21 miles today on the new seat and I could not be more pleased. Felt great right out of the box. To me the look of the old school leather seat doesn't quite fit with the triangular titanium tubes or the biomax bars butt... my A$$ is happy. :D
I think just the opposite. I think it says, "I'm modern, but my butt is Sophisticated!"

I think it flows well since you have black bars and all. I bet that bike would be killer as an SS though!
DO IT DO IT DO IT!! You're already a dead man walking spending all that money :)
Nah I don't need all of that stuff. I'd rather get my SS build finished. Decide if I like it or not. I added up what I've spent so far. :eek:
If I didn't have to buy new cleats your pedals would have a new home Rola!
I would like that very much! I'm going to have to buy a new set of pedals anyways. I have old Richey SPD's on my 26'er and I had to buy those cleats. My understanding is you can use those cleats for the egg beaters too?

However I use my MTB shoes with SPD cleats for spinning too. Let me think about this. I'd hate to have to switch back and forth cleats just to do spin class in my bike shoes.
What is it Kneed? Giant something and a Zero something.
I too would like to see these. I need a new seat bag.
1 - 20 of 7243 Posts