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Your Most Recent Purchase (Pic required)

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You can learn a lot about someone by what they purchase.

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Just came in today for the upgrade of the Draft to flip flop capability:
1. 17T cog (1/2 X (1/8)
2. lock ring wrench
3. chain whip

Still waiting on:
1. Projekt Fixie - Fixed Gear Track Bike Crankset 44T 170 Black
2. Origin8 Pro Track Light Pedal - 9/16" Black
3. Fixed Gear Lock Ring
4. Formula TH-51 32h hub fixed/free flip flop
5. Chain lube/grease
And, more happiness arrived today... new crankset, pedals, and lockring... now, just waiting for hub and then time to build a wheel!! :) It's been forever and a day + countless leap years since I have tackled a thread lacing project!!
The hub arrived today! looking at Velocity hoops for the build (looking at the Deep V 700 c or Fusion 700 c) - adding a 17T freewheel - and having them as the set that I am working toward being able to use... right now, the stockers are fine, but it would be nice to move the rear cog up a tooth

The good thing about being single on V-Day - I can spend $$ on my toys and not on her toys!! haha!! :)
New crankset/pedals installed this morning! The weight difference is crazy - the old left crank arm weighs more than the entire crankset and pedals combined!!

I will say this much though; the folks at SE Racing really know how to get their cranksets on and you are going to fight it off all the way! I have left my poor little crank puller embedded in the left crank arm - I am just too tired to deal with unbinding it right now!
The front wheel came in today - Velocity Deep V w/ Origin 8 hub

Still waiting on the back ordered rear rim (though the spokes are en route) from Velocity

The new set of Rubber came in yesterday - Kenda 700 x 23's (waiting on the tubes, should be in on Monday!)

The new seat from Projekt Fixie arrived too!! Yay!! Also got a blue seat clamp to match and the blue post should be in on Monday! Yay!!

Heck, this rate, I just need to pick up another frame and I will be able to build a backup from all of the SE's original parts! LOL!!
Nice! I have been riding the Velocity A23s lately (built by November) with Novatech hubs. I love the wider rims, how wide are the deep V?
They are 19mm x 30mm - I am surprised at just how light this rim is!! My co-worker turned me on to them, I can wait to get the blue rubber on them and see how they ride!!
Saddle upgrade, done - received the last piece of the puzzle today - the Origin8 compe-lite 27.2 x 350mm post & pro-fit clamp, married to a Projekt Fixie track saddle
Looks awesome finished. Now go out and ride it and give us a ride report. :thumbsup:
Definitely!! I wish I could ride to work today; however, balancing two trays of bruschetta for our potluck + pedaling, seems like a disaster in the making! :)

I will be definitely be taking her out for a spin around the lake after work tonight though - can't wait!
Front wheel is complete and I must say, I am pretty darned happy with how it came together - still waiting for the hoop for the rear set; should be in on Friday and hope to be rolling the new Deep V's by end of the weekend

Front: Velocity Deep V - 700c - 32H, Origin8 hub, Kenda Kadence tires - 700 x 23c, Sunlite RVB 80mm tube w/ extra long presta valve
Part 1 of the handlebar/stem upgrade, v. 2, arrived today; Cannondale C3 Bullhorn - 40cm bars - I think these will give me the look I am going for!

Have a specialized 120mm multi-position stem coming in; hopefully tomorrow, Cineli cork tape (white), and Tektro RX 4.1 reverse levers (white) en route late this week or early next.

Once I get the whole shabam together, I will get the other little item of cycling joy hooked up and fit to the Draft - I couldn't afford the Garmin, so, went the cheap route w/ the Sigma BC1609 Bike Computer w/ cadence attachment (wired connection)
Outta look nice Noah!
Thank you!! I think this is going to be the ticket, as it were. I was just looking at what the angle of the bullhorn bars should approx. be, and I smiled. The stem should be in tomorrow, so I can definitely get a better idea of the final look! Can't wait! Yay!!! :D
Almost there!! The Specialized Stem and the Reverse Brake Levers arrived today and of course, I just had to pull the current system to see what it would sort of look like all together... and all I can say is; ME LIKE!!!

Now, just waiting for the tape to arrive, then get it all put together together, and then start looking for another frame to fit all of the extra parts littering my apartment and make a play bike out of them!

I also picked up this Vuelta Pista Track Crankset (46T) and am waiting on some blue chainring screws to give it a more finished look!! Yay!!!
I'm enjoying this. You must be itching to hit the saddle. It'll be great to see it finished!
Definitely!! As soon as I put the bars together and held them in front of the bike where they would sit (the pictures attached here) - I just had to pull the current bars temporarily and see for sure they would look installed.

I was really tempted to tighten it all up and jimmy-rig the brakes and go for a spin... alas, some things need to be done right before you enjoy them! :)
Looking good man
Thank you! This is definitely the look that I had been looking for, but just didn't know it when I bought the bike... now, I know. :)
There is a reason there is only 1 white lever... one is great - the other, three issues:

1. They don't match
2. They are both right side levers
3. The bottom of the other one (which would be the upside if installed upside down - which was my plan) is not so great

The packaging color transferred into the powder coat - see picture
Sad. I have white lock-on grips.
Yeah, I was going to respray it to match the good one; but then went the other direction. Lesson for me: Never buy from unrated sellers... sigh....

The black/white combo works for the current set up, but yeah, it was not perfect.
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