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Your Most Recent Purchase (Pic required)

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You can learn a lot about someone by what they purchase.

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Nice blings knee...but your wife actually let you bring the bike into her kitchen? She's a keeper!;)
Pickup this little gadget from WesternBikeWorks for $309. Final price after Garmin's $100 rebate = $209 :D
wild said:
The BMC jersey and bibs that I got for $29.99 yea for both XXL
$30 for a team jersey would have been a steal but for both jersey and bib is almost a crime. Great deal!
rynoman03 said:
Park CT-5 and an Easton 80mm stem. Awaiting handlebars to come in before mounting the stem. Got some Lightly used TruVativ Husslefelt White risers for the SS.
You got the stem already? I didn't think it would get there till Monday.
My tool kit arrived. It is of good quality, it seems. Fairly complete:

Now...a couple of those tools...
What are they for?
Hey jeepster, thanks for posting the link earlier :thumbsup:, I also got the same toolkit from Nashbar. I didn't even have to pay any tax since there is no Nashbar/Performance Bicycle stores in my state. I was going to post some pix of the toolkit but you beat me to it.

Like you, I have no idea what some of these tools are but I am sure when I need to do something on my bike, I will find out about it.
Oh, and I hate my legs... They don't work hard enough. :p
At least you don't have my problem. My legs work too complaining that I am working them too hard. I keep having to tell them "shut up legs!" :D
Oh I know...the guy I ride with works for the local Trek store ( and well...I need a part time job:)

He just ordered a Domane 6.9 Di2 blah blah blah. I could probably afford it at the price he is paying for it. His won't be in for another couple of weeks yet.
Hey rola, tell your friend if he rides a 52cm and he ever got tired of that bike to contact me :p

That's my dream bike.
but she twisted my arm and talked me into the sweeter bike.
Yeah sure, I am sure mommawarrior had to twist your arm really hard to get you to agree to that :p

Unfortunately for you now that mommawarrior has signed up to this forum, we can ask her ourselves. What do you say to that mommawarrior? :D
How wide is this saddle DaFlake?
^^ LOL, in Ryan's defense, I've had red color objects in my pictures came out pink because of problem with the white balance.
Rola, you sure you have that K-edge mounted correctly? I think it's upside down.
Today is my daughter's 13th birthday (I know God help me...a teenager in the house :)). She wanted a new bike because she hit a growth spurt and outgrew her kiddie bike last year. She told her mom that she likes several bikes being sold at the local Target store so I went and took a look at them. As expected, they were cheap (between $250 and $350) but heavy and have various features she doesn't need (front shock, big fat MTB tires). I decided to surprise her and went to my LBS and splurged on this bike instead (Jamis Coda Sport). It's a little too nice for a thirteen years old but I am hoping she will like it and be able to use it to go on some short to medium rides with me later.
Sweet! Is this her first bike knee?
The pair of Conti 4000s 700x25 ($38 each) and the Ultegra 6701 chain ($22) I ordered from finally came in the mail today from the UK. They have great price but the free shipping took forever. Only order from them if you don't need what you are ordering yesterday :).
I ordered from them too.
The website is out of New Zealand. Not sure where they ship out of. I hope my order comes soon. I need a new rear tire.
Couldn't beat those prices.

How many weeks did it take yours to arrive?
About two weeks. I am spoiled by Amazon Prime shipping where I order something from them and get it within two days so two weeks is forever for me :p.

The box is actually post marked from Switzerland.

View attachment 13270
Two continental 4000S tires, one cold weather jersey and they threw in a sampler box of sports nutrition.
Cannot beat these prices.
Free shipping, but it took about two weeks to arrive. My package was shipped out if Sweden.

Tires alone were about half the normal price.
I got that sampler box of High5 too Dos. I was thinking of trying them out yesterday on my century ride but thought better of it. They always tell you to not try anything new on century ride and stick with what you know will work with your body. Last thing I need on a long ride is stomach cramps or worse :eek:.
I used Nunn (Strawberry Lemonade flavor) for electrolytes in one bottle, water in the other and alternate bottles. I use Cliff shot gel (Mocha flavor with caffeine) for energy every hour if the rest stops are further apart. Otherwise, I stick to the good old PB&J and banana at the rest stop like everyone else. Oh yeah, on hot ride (90*+), I always bring along one of those super absorbent towel you always see advertised on infomercial. At each rest stop, I would ask the volunteers for some ice and soak the towel and put it around my neck to cool down my core temperature. For some reason, those super-absorbent towel seems to hold the cold much longer than normal towel.
Got myself a new bike light (Light & Motion Taz 1200) to extend my riding time for the approaching "dark by 6 pm" fall/winter seasons.
1200 lumens on a bicycle light is a bit overkill. I bet you 400 is more than enough for the job.
Yup, you are right Hack. It is way overkill for normal riding. I plan on keeping it on the lowest setting (300 lumens) which will give me a whopping 6 hours of lighting on something that only weights 216 gm. Even at that low setting, the beam is nice and even with a good spread and plenty bright.

But for those times when I need the extra light (steep downhill at a nature preserve near me where it's pitch black at night), it's nice to know I can light up the road and see where I am going at full speed.
lol...the Coast HP314 certainly looks very impressive but I just can't see myself strapping something that is over 17" long and weight over 3 lbs. to my road bike handlebar :D.

I might just buy it for my flashlight collections though. I guess you could count me among the group of high performance flashlight enthusiasts (where brighter is never bright enough) :p.
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