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Your Most Recent Purchase (Pic required)

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You can learn a lot about someone by what they purchase.

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Deliver originally scheduled for Dec 27, but Brown Santa delivered a little after 5 PM on Christmas Eve. A Brooks B17, A gift from my bride to go with the new fenders, bike rack and rollup panniers for My Bride Ride, or errand bike. :D
Now you have even more reason to ride ... gotta break in the new saddle. :):thumbsup:

Haven't gotten around to taking any pics ourselves but you can see the house on the link. There are some pics that aren't like the house cause the sellers painted after the pics were taken, no yellow room or red dinning room...thank God.
You have a beautiful home and some really nice acreage! Best wishes for many happy years there.
BigLou, it sounds like you have your money's worth out of the $150.00 bike. With all the miles you ride on a monthly basis, it would probably be a good idea to start your "new bike" fund.
The plus side is all the cool new bikes you get to research. Hopefully, your new BB will buy you time enough to save, research, and wheel and deal!
N + 1, just became part of N. :D
2014 Camber Comp.
Nice! How many/what types are in your stable now?
Sounds good, Noah. Of course, pics of your b/w/chrome beauty and your blue baby in their completed states would be much appreciated.
That explains it! I thought perhaps one of us was color blind.:D
Another beautiful bike, Noah! :love: You've got a wonderful stable from which to choose. :thumbsup:
1 - 12 of 7243 Posts