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Your Most Recent Purchase (Pic required)

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You can learn a lot about someone by what they purchase.

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I bought this jersey. 5'9" 210lbs makes me a member...

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Where did you get them at that price?...
That is a great deal, they are $159.99 now.
Just came yesterday, 2013 Shimano Dura Ace PD-9000 pedals, now I just need to start saving $$$ for new shoes.
You should start a thread on the Wahoo devices once you use them a few times. It would be interesting to know just how well they work on preserving battery life on the iPhone when both the GPS and BlueTooth are activated and being used. If nobody else is interested, I for one would be.
I would be interested, my Wife uses her iPhone to track rides.
I just picked up the K-Edge Garmin Stem Mount for my Domane 5.9. I like it cause it keeps the Garmin right in site and protected, not sticking out in front of the bars. I also picked up the Topeak Ride Case mount for my Wife's Madone 2.1. Her iPhone mounts rock solid right on the stem.
It does come with an optional mount to strap to the bars or that stem.

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I would imagine it is the same as the short sleeve...

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I saw a bulldog riding on one of those a couple months ago... funny... he was leaning into the turns and everything...
My son would love that... He loves all green..., my youngest boy would want orange...
That is so nice Hazy... I can't wait until my boys are big enough to get bad a$$ bikes for... they are 4 and 6 right now. My 6 yr old currently fits an 18" bmx and rides 8-10mph for 5 - 6 mile rides...

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I picked up a used Cannondale CAAD 8 on Craigslist on Monday for my friend, employee and riding buddy Dan. Got it all set up with a loaded under seat bag and Topeak Ride Case with Stem Mount for his iPhone. Got it for $600.00.

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A little shopping spree at Sunnyside Bicycles yesterday had good yields..

A couple of Hoodies, A new Thermal Tight Bib, And a new set of Shimano SH-R170 Shoes...
Got a set of toe covers coming too...

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Really? Zipp 202 wheels look like a fairly "regular" size profile. What about tubes with a longer presta stem? I use presta valves 48mm long and they stick out of my Mavic Ellipse wheels about 20mm. What about a 60mm presta stem?

I would just be leary that the extension would leak inside the rim.

This thing is badass. And the app let's you watch everything on your phone.
Oh yeah, my lovely wife got me the same camera, helmet strap and bar mounts... Gotta get out and dirty up the Santa Cruz Superlight now....
Here is a couple pics to show all of the recent additions and accessories.

New K-Edge Garmin Stem Mount, K-Edge Go Pro Bar Mount, Go Pro Hero 3+ Silver Edition, Go Pro Wifi Remote, new Light & Motion Urban 700 Headlight and Vis 180 Micro Tail Light and a new Bontrager Paradigm RL Saddle.

The Saddle and lights were purchased with the Ride Club Reward Points at Sunnyside Bicycles. It is a 5% reward return.... Love them.....

Oh yeah, and a new Park PRS-25 Team Issue Repair Stand.

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Off topic...

Kneedrachen, we were sitting in the living room last night, and it heard my boys start laughing, it went like this...

Both boys - "giggle, giggle"
Dylan (6yr old) - "Do you smell popcorn?"
Devin (4yr old) - "Sniiiiiiffffff.... EEWWWWW!"
Dylan - "laugh!!!!!!!!""

Made me laugh....
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