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Your Most Recent Purchase (Pic required)

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You can learn a lot about someone by what they purchase.

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How do you attach a pic from iPhone? Just picked up a 2010 Giant Defy 3. Time to start my upgrade list lol
Since I'm on my feet all day, and the reviews here are great, I picked up a pair of Darn Tough Vermont socks. If I like them, I'll get more for riding in the spring.
That's a beautiful house momma! Love that front porch!
Hack, I drive a 10 Corolla daily! Same color. I actually have 9 of them. Great cars!
My only pair of shorts were giving me a pain in the ____, so ordered a pair of Louis Garneau Signature Optimum shorts from Amazon. Hopped on the trainer for 6 miles, and it was the most comfortable I've been on a bike since I started.
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Holy crap Hack, that's a lot of goodies you got there! Nice!
Since I'll be moving my bike from the basement into my bedroom, I figured it was time to upgrade my brick lol View attachment 14950

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Managed to slowly put together my Thule roof rack. Now just have to figure out what trays to use? View attachment 15002

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"Nice, make sure that you use the right mount for your bike.... i.e., no frame mounted rack if you have a carbon frame. I am looking to get Yakima High Rollers for my truck."

Already made that mistake. Found a great CL deal on a Yakima GT mount, so I bought it. Nope, won't fit without some creative modifications, so I'll be reselling that lol

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Just put my mountain bike and my roadie up for sale. Stay tuned......

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Loved my cannondale MB, but hated the wide tires, gearing, etc. loved the response of the Giant Defy, but a drop bar just isn't for me. Should be picking up the best of both worlds this weekend. 2014 Specialized (stock photo knee ;-)) Sirrus Elite. View attachment 15054

Thought about getting the Elite Disc, but the extra $$ for disc brakes and upgraded drivetrain, only to add 4lbs didn't seem worth it.

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Just brought it home. My first brand new bike! View attachment 15072

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