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Your Most Recent Purchase (Pic required)

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You can learn a lot about someone by what they purchase.

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I will take a look over the weekend. Thanks for the heads up. I think I want a case for it to.

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Picked up a pair of Conti Ultra Sports (700x23) yesterday and took them out for a test spin out to Alameda today - gotta say, pretty nice little tires!!
What's the difference between the K Edge mount and the Garmin out front mount?

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View attachment 17659

Bundle came with an out front Garmin mount.

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The K-Edge is all machined aluminum. The Garmin mount is plastic. However, The Garmin mount is good enough Lou. No need to spend an extra $40 to $50 on the K-Edge.
I have been using my standard issue Garmin mount trouble free. I like the stem mounting position the best.
My 10 yr. old daughter was lagging behind with her 24" tires. And now that shes just shy of 5' time for a new bike. So I looked and found this Trek 700 on CL for $75.00. She booking now. My son has the same mens model 700 in blue, a bike that was given to me. So no arguing about who has a better bike.
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A pair of lezyne caddy sacks to store my patch kit (pictured) and one for my phone/wallet while riding

Just the right size to shove in a jersey pocket.

Holds the following View attachment 17734

Also picked up so clif gels for a couple of planned longer rides (50 miles/metric century)
Some GU Chomps and some electrolyte tabs. Sorry no photo.
Picture of my new Allen bike rack in use. 250 mile trip and not a sound.
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Someone gots new shoes....................NRS

.......and something else now gots less recoil......................91/30

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Used, but new to me.
A guy I hunt with just got one of those too. I've seen some of the hunting TV show hosts use it. I wonder if it helps?
I went to the range yesterday. At 25 yards, with my bad eye, I easily put all of my slugs into the DRT zone of a paper target.
My 12 gauge sawed off will cover the side of a VW at 10 yards #4 buckshot:rolleyes:
^ I guess you are ready for the Zombie Apocalypse wild. No need to aim right ;).
Alright, who's the jackwagon that introduced me to I'm hooked now. It's like crack! Checking constantly to see what's good. Ordered my son a nice Castelli track jacket, and we both ordered new PI jerseys today. I like the fact that they'll hold items to save on shipping. So now I'm waiting for a nice cold weather jersey or some shoe covers to pop up so I can be ready for the cold.
I completely agree! I am on that site like 20 times a day waiting for the perfect item.

The slot hit big last night with PI socks for $2.99 a pair, normally $11.99. Bought 6 of them. I'm waiting for some winter gear for men to pop up also

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Lou you live in Florida!!!!!!
Lou you live in Florida!!!!!!

Yeah! I have to ask him what winter he plans on using heavy clothing for? :)

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