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Your Most Recent Purchase (Pic required)

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You can learn a lot about someone by what they purchase.

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I have followed Patrick Farnsworth's Bikes or Death podcast for years now and recommend it for anyone looking for a fun and low key podcast covering bikepacking and related topics. What does this have to do with purchases? In a recent episode, a bikepack racer revealed that she carries upholstery thread and a curved needle with her on races. The idea is to sew up a tire gash so bad it can't be booted well enough to contain an inner tube and get her back on the bike. She admitted that she has never actually had to try this, but it's part of her racing kit.

I liked her idea. Quite a bit. Thus, a rather odd assemblage:
Textile Wood Font Finger Art
That's a roll of upholstery thread, two packs of curved needles intended for the hand-sewing of leather, and almost the most important, leather and metal thimbles. In practice, I plan to put a few yards of thread, a pair of needles and a pair of thimbles into a little pack of some sort. Perhaps the first aid kit.

For those who have not sewn by hand, repeatedly pushing a needle through even layers of light cloth can be downright painful. Hence, the use of thimbles. I've never sewn leather, much less tire casings, but I know better than to try without a thimble. The needles are curved to facilitate repair without dismounting the tire. Made possible by carrying a extra bottle of sealant.

In a pinch, the setup might resurrect a tire and save me a hike. Might also let me sew up a torn tent wall or pant leg. In the least likely scenario, it might even come in painfully handy for closing a particularly nasty gash or wound in my own hide or someone else's. Something too big for super glue or a bandage. Ouch.

In the end, they weigh next to nothing and give me an option for repairing a tire which can't be booted. Utterly unnecessary for rides in the Denver area, lol, but could be nice in the back country where I aspire to ride. I aim to end up with a pack as decribed above for the fat bike and another for the touring bike.
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I recently got around to writing a review on some bibs I purchased from AeroTech Designs out of Pittsburg.

These bibs were about 18 months old.

My review was an honest look of my experience with their product and ranked them snot middle of the line over all.

The company wrote to me offering to exchange for free with a new pair.

This has been my experience with this company.
I know people will say there are better Cycling kit companies, but this one has outstanding customer service.

I just wanted to throw their name out, in case other might not have heard of them or had forgotten them.

By the way, I turned down their offer for an exchange, not made a deal to purchase a pair and they’ll send two sizes for me to try. I keep the one I like and send back the other.
In my opinion, it’s not fair for me to use their product for more than a year and then trade it in for free. I got hood use from it and i want this company to stay in business.
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