Yukon fx

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    took her out for her first real ride...3+ hours. usually, i am feeling it after 2 hours...some minor adjustments and this thing will be ready for most anything i can throw at it. i was worried (from what i've read) that it would climb horribly...not so at all! feels much lighter in all applications (except when i go to lift it onto the car rack:rolleyes:). i'll be upgrading eventually, but right out of the box, it's ready to tangle with rocky, rooty, muddy, snowy XC terrain. maneuvers very responsively. very stable downhill, recovers well (yeah, i slipped on ice once and miscalculated a too large log) when hitting loose skree...and yes, climbs like a true alpine goat.:thumbsup:

    now to start saving for a TCX...

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